The Best Lingeries to Take Into Consideration

What do you think about lingerie? Is it something you should have?
Wearing sexy lingerie can be a strategy for women to please the husband before making love. Most men are ‘visual creatures’ that are easily aroused when sex is stimulated by the appearance of sexy women and open dress. That’s why some sex experts and psychologists advise women to ‘invest’ in at least one or two good lingerie in order to maintain the warmth of love, especially in long-married couples. So, what kind of hot sexy lingerie lace that will make you charming when using it?

– More minimal better

As many as 37 percents of men choose their mates wearing minimal underwear and mini-sized. This means they like to see his wife wearing a thong model panties instead of the bikini, boy shorts or classics. For the bra model, men generally prefer a strapless bra and push-ups instead of the full cup and sports bra.

– Expose more skin

The premium lingerie brand and the sex toys retailer Bluebella conducted a survey of men and women about what lingerie is the perfect one for them. As many as 54 percents of men say liked if their partner wearing bra and panties that show more body skin.

– Lingerie with light colors

More than half of the men surveyed liked women who wore the brightly colored bra. There are 74 percent of men choose lingerie whose color is brighter than neutral colors such as black, white and nude. Of that percentage, the men’s favorite color is red.

– Detail fancy

The survey also revealed that 62 percent of men feel excited when they see their partner wearing a bra with lace, cut-out, sequin and ribbon details. Perhaps that’s why many Victoria’s Secret models become male idols because they often wear the bra with lots of detail during fashion shows and photo shoots for commercials.