Futsal Ball Size Type

The best futsal ball is generally made of rubber material, polyvinyl chloride, and polyurethane. The ball of rubber material used in everyday games just plain practice playing with friends. For the ball made of polyurethane material has a good quality because it is resistant to water exposure so it is more durable. While the type of ball whose surface is coated with polyvinyl chloride material has a lighter weight and also more durable. How comfortable the player in futsal ball is more determined by the surface factor and the ball material used so that it is necessary to be noticed. Bladder as the main ingredient that can make the ball can expand well. Equipped with air valves and manufactured by applying a blend of butyl rubber, making the futsal ball better filled with air when compared to the ball made from latex. In addition, the ball can move more responsive and feels soft when touched head and foot players.

There are several groups of futsal ball sizes commonly used to play in futsal field leases. This can be tailored to the user and needs of each. The futsal ball size type is as follows:

– The smallest size has a circular line ranging from 61 to 62 cm. This ball size is best suited for children under 8 years of age.

– The size of the second group, slightly larger than the size is very suitable played by children aged 8 years to 12 years.

-The third-group sizes can be played by children over 12 years old up to adults. The size of the ball is also used in official matches at national and international level.

The size of futsal ball is usually listed on the surface but if there is no one should ask directly to the seller and more advisable to choose the appropriate standard soccer ball.

It can not be denied that sometimes still found some new futsal balls are sold with conditions that are not so good. This is where the need for caution in choosing the ball to be purchased. Better to buy a ball that has been filled with wind to make sure that the ball is in good condition so we can know whether the ball has a good balance or not. If the ball with an imperfect sphere like a slightly oval, of course, do not want to buy it.

Another thing to note also is to check the condition of the nipple is in the right position or not, if the futsal ball valve problematic then it is avoided because it can result in the ball becomes easily leaked.