Plus Minus Use of Carpet On Stairs

There are a few things you should consider before lining the stairs with the carpet. Moreover, installing carpet rugs on the stairs is a little more difficult than on the flat floor. You also have to make sure the carpet layer adhesive closely to the floor. This is because the risk of accidents due to slipping large enough if one carpet attached. In addition, you also have to regularly clean your carpet every 6 months at the best carpet washers like you can find in to keep your carpet cleanliness is always awake. Apart from that, the following plus minus use of carpet on stairs!

1. Plus
If you are disturbed by the sound of footsteps as you go up and down stairs, the layers of the carpet can provide significant benefits. The uses of carpet to muffle the sound have been widely applied to noisy homes or have a large number of family members.

2. Minus
If your ladder is made of fine wood and sturdy, then installing a carpet can even damage the wood surface. This is because you have to nail every corner of the ladder to make sure the carpet is firmly installed. As a result, your wood will be hollow and damage its structure.