Pre Surgical Instruction to Minimize Swelling

The surgeon usually gives specific instructions since 2 weeks before surgery. Some of the instructions given are about security precautions to prevent unwanted medical events during and after surgery. Other instructions aim to help the body prepare for surgery and post-surgical healing process, including measures to minimize swelling. Every surgery, every surgeon, and every patient is different. The swelling that occurs after Facial Plastic Surgery is affected by many variables. To minimize postoperative swelling, obey the surgeon’s instructions carefully.

Understand well, from long before the operation, about changes in drug consumption you should apply. This step should be coordinated with regular doctors, specialists, and surgeons. Certain medicinal effects can cause problems during and after surgery, for example, the swelling gets worse and lasts longer. Change the consumption of prescription drugs, drugs that can be purchased without a prescription, and herbal supplements since 2 weeks before surgery. The body’s system takes time to remove all drugs from the body and return to normal processes.