Smart ways to maintain a rug

In recent years fur carpets are being excellent. This carpet can be used to play with your beloved child, to watch TV and more, that’s why this type of carpet has a lot of devotees. Fun motifs, varied colors, soft and warm textures are an attraction and choice for most people. Meanwhile, you can also call the expert carpet cleaners by visiting if you want the best carpet cleaning service.

But you need to be extra careful in caring for this type of carpet. With sensitive materials and feather fibers that easily fall out, would be a problem in itself. Another problem is the ease of stored dust in the feather fibers. That’s why you have to have your own way to care for and clean it up. Here are some ways you should apply to caring for your favorite carpet:

The laying of the carpet

Laying carpets everywhere is fine, but you need to consider if carpet placement is around a window or door. Of course on the grounds that such carpets are very susceptible to dust. If you place it near a window or door, then the dust carpet can stick more to the dust fiber, so pay attention to the placement.

Dust in the carpet with a vacuum cleaner |

Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner is the simplest way. Surely this cleaning is done regularly because the fur carpet is very vulnerable to stains and odor. You can clean it once a week with a vacuum cleaner and continue by drying the carpet in the sun.