Characteristics of Healthy Office Chairs

How much time do you spend sitting in your office chair? For those of you who are working behind the scenes, definitely more stout to spend the time to sit in comparison with physical activity. Without you knowing this can cause various health problems, from spinal problems to muscle pain. Therefore, you can not arbitrarily use the office chair, unless you want to experience such health problems. Get it by visiting Los Angeles Office Furniture.

Then how to choose the ideal office chair and good for health?

The ergonomic chair is the right choice to use when you work in the office. This chair you can set and design according to your body size. However, of the many ergonomic chairs, you should also choose the one that suits your body size. How to choose it?

1. The office chair should match your body size
Sit down and see if the seat fits your body size. A good seat has a distance of about 3 centimeters (cm) from the right side of your left. Meanwhile, the end of the seat cushion should also be 3 cm away from the folds of your knee. If too close or too far from the folds of the knee, will cause problems in the movement of the knee.

2. An office chair should be in accordance with the height
Once you feel the size of the chair suits you, the thing to do then sees if the seat you choose fits the height. So, stand up and check your seat cushion, whether it is right at your knees. If so, make sure that the chair can still be raised or made lower again.

3. Choose a seat with a sloping cradle
See which seat you are going to use. The ideal office chair is a seat that has a sloping cushion, rather than flat. To make the position of your spine good, you should set the slope of the pads up to about 20-30 degrees. If the seat cannot be adjusted to the beard’s skill, you can use additional pads on the rear (seat back) to make it more gentle.