Choosing a Blind in Accordance With the Window Shape

Materials that can be used as a cover while beautifying the look of the window is a curtain. Some decorators say that window curtains look decent in a room if chosen properly. Generally, the problem that the owner of the house often encounters is to determine how to match the shape and type of blind in the window. Yes, sometimes such trivial matters become a difficult and confusing matter. Do not worry, in this article you will find inspiration how to customize the shape and type of blinds with windows in your home. Curtains in addition to functioning as a barrier to light as well as having a decorative element that affects the atmosphere of the room. Even though you will buy Wooden Blinds, the following are things to take into consideration when choosing the right blind.

Large and high window

For those of you who have a window shape like this, choose a curtain with materials that tend to give the impression of weight. For example, such as a cloth curtain in which is filled with dacron material. Such a curtain can act as an air filter and withstand excessive wind outside. Not only that, with such a blind nuance in the interior even more luxurious look. Wear a tassel in the center area of ??the fabric curtain as a curtain fabric that tends to be large and long. You can use bangs or lace. Do not forget, because the size is large and automatically has a fairly heavy mass, use a larger rail and strong to withstand heavy loads.

High window with separate frame

For you who have a window design like this, try to use curtain cloth with an hourglass model in the middle. Can also only use vitrage in curtains just to give a lighter impression.

Window bordered directly by the wall

In order to look more beautiful and appropriate, windows with models like this are better to use a model of the curtain that is tied in the middle like an hourglass or baseboards. Use an endless end cap to fit the existing space. Use curtains when the window is in the left or right corner of the room. Then, tie the curtain to one corner of the wall.