Tips for renting a luxurious car

For large car rental companies, do not forget to ask about discounts that may be in their monthly pamphlet or the partnerships they have with any credit card program you may have. Sometimes the offers are very good. Or you work for a company that often hires fancy cars, usually, they have negotiated prices, do not forget to check. Meanwhile, you can visit to rent the fancy limousine for your occasion.

Make sure you understand your booking conditions. Is there a penalty to be paid if it is not so, how long will the car be used if you are stuck in traffic when picking it up, is there an additional fee for the driver and does their name have to be included in the contract, is there any age limit for the rider? Questions are important to ask as collateral. If necessary ask also about the rules for travel between cities.

For the first trip from the airport to the hotel where you stay better to use public transportation. This will save you car rentals for a day. You’d better take your rental car directly at the rental place. Even if you travel the same day as your arrival time, at least you will not be subject to additional charges at the airport.

Be wary of upfront fuel payments. Always fill the car’s gas tank before you return the vehicle because the car rental company (including luxury car rental services) will charge a high enough fee for just a few liters of gasoline.