How to Deal With Schizophrenic Sufferers?

1. Speak slowly
If you really have schizophrenia, then someone will be difficult to understand exactly what we are talking with him because he most likely just focuses on hearing the sound or noise around him. Therefore, we need to be patient, slow and clear in talking to him. But if it’s impossible for you, then it would be better if you take him to consult at so the therapists can help to heal it.

2. Do not be Afraid of Delusions
Most people with schizophrenia will experience delusions as common schizophrenic traits so that when we deal with the sufferer, we should be alert to all possible delusions and do not be afraid of them. Delusions experienced by sufferers can be things that are related to us or even other things.

3. Avoid Eliminating Patients
There may be some of us who, when confronted with a person who is hallucinating and eluding, will suffer enough to speak as if the person is not in front of us. Our words will still be captured by him, so if we do not seem to consider his presence, this can make people offended and hurt.