These Three Terms Are Often Called For Internet Users, Which Are You?

As one of the things that most people use today, the Internet is important because many people use it for their needs in every respect. But unfortunately, there are still many places even countries that do not have a fast and quality internet connection. for this, internet satelit is present to provide a fast internet connection and can be used in all places.

Because of the many things that can be done on the internet make all users can use it in every way. For that, many people creating terms for those users, like

1. Chatter
This is a term for internet users who tend to use the internet just for chatting, such as instant messaging to communicate.

2. Curator
This term is used for those who collect news, either for themselves or for others.

3. Catalyst
This term is used for those who also make money on the internet because it uses the media blog, Twitter, and even Youtube to create an interesting content.