Umrah Tips for Elders

There is some readiness that elders need to prepare before performing Umrah. Sure, you should know this information even before you go to The first is that every Muslim who wants to work should prepare a clean intention of worship just because of Allah SWT. Ask for forgiveness and repent to Allah SWT. Good intentions only because God must be owned by anyone, both young and old congregation, who want to perform Umrah.

Because every Muslim who has the intention of worship for God sincerely will not feel heavy in carrying out the whole series of worship of Umrah. At that time, the sincere intention will encourage someone to worship better. The second tip is to deepen the science of Umrah (harmonious, obligatory, Sunnah, sequence, and motion). Therefore, manasik umrah,, like ihram from miqat, tawaf, and sa’i is very important to be done so that the elderly really understand the procedure of taking umrah. Therefore, the role of Umrah adviser is very important ‘”