Confused To Choose Seafood? Here Are The Tips!

Good quality food only exists when the source is of good quality. This is generally true, especially foods that use stale or rotten basic ingredients, such as vegetables, animal protein sources either from land or seafood sources such as seafood. Well, now you can easily get seafood at the nearest supermarket like Walmart. Even you can check the opening hours and cover first in walmart deli hours. Regardless, how to choose seafood that guarantees good quality? The following tips!

Fish is one of the much seafood consumed by the community. From its physical appearance, the fresh fish has bright and prominent eyes (convex). The fresh fish skin is brilliant and the scales are strongly attached. The gills are red. When the meat of the fish is pressed, the texture is solid and elastic. In terms of smell, it smells fresh, not rotten or sour.

Fresh shrimp is easily shifted or not sticky with fellow shrimp, no pungent odor, and chewy meat, grayish green, semi-transparent. As for lobsters, if the desired is a live lobster, then note the characteristics of the tool that is still moving clamp, the color according to the original (looks bluish). Raw crushed lobsters usually have a slightly darker color of the meat (indicating bleeding) but another damage is not easily visible.